Ever have one of those months where the only thing standing between you and poor choices is the fact that you still care about how it might affect others?

I don’t feel well-liked by many, I’m not understood by any. When there’s finally a chance of a true friend, at last! I proceed to fuck it up plenty.

Here I am, back home again after a short trip to the Bellevue campus. It’s also my first time returning directly to my new home in the DFW area. I’ve […]

I didn’t become “me” until my mid-late 20s, and I’m still not sure if I’m me now.

I Have a Cat

Her name is Xena, and despite my being allergic to cats, I somehow ended up living with one.

I have been offered the greatest opportunity of my life. Of course I am going to take it. It’s still unbelievable to me how far I’ve been able to advance […]

I migrated over an old email account to my new mail server, and I came across some old conversations. In one particular message I found myself discussing how things have […]

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