About Me

Hello, my name is Matthew. Right now in my life, I am almost always busy. I work full-time as a Business Analysis Manager for T-Mobile, and I attend college, also full-time, working on a BS in Engineering and Finance. When I do find some free time, I like to cook or play video games. I take my coffee black, steaks and wine red, and tea green.

Recent Posts

Traveling through Oregon Whats up with all the speed limit signs using a comic book font?

Just what I signed up for Nothing is quite as spirit-breaking as being stuck at work an hour late, and having to restart the report you’ve been waiting on because it failed. #businessobjects #hell

I Have a Cat Her name is Xena, and despite my being allergic to cats, I somehow ended up living with one.

I Did It… I Actually Did It! I have been offered the greatest opportunity of my life. Of course I am going to take it. It’s still unbelievable to me how far I’ve been able to advance ...

Uh Oh, I Accidentally Nostalgia I migrated over an old email account to my new mail server, and I came across some old conversations. In one particular message I found myself discussing how things have ...